Rooting for Mileena!

By: Matrix3D


Who the hell is Kitara?

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WOW! Kerrigan!

This is wierd. What movie is this from, in fact wait, do I even want to know?

My favourite piece of artwork of the Banshee Queen. Perfection is all I can say.  Produced by the brilliant Hujianing.

The amazing Sylvanas Windrunner. We salute you!

"You are pathetic and weak&#8230;.."
The fun never stops with online Sindel ownage.

"You are pathetic and weak….."

The fun never stops with online Sindel ownage.

Here is a screenshot of my Mage in Rift. Since I moved from WoW to Rift after 6 years of Azeroth I am pleased to say that I have never looked back and you can probably see why from the screenshot.  I love it!

Sorry I can’t hear you over how awesome Sindel is……


I call myself a Peaceful Warrior… because the battles we fight are on the inside.

– Socrates

Sindel is just awesome, if you meet me online…prepare to die :D
p.s. I can float wooooot!

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